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Katana 451mm Low Profile OS20 Carbon Hoops

Presta(6.5mm) Valve Hole

Maximum tires pressure: 130psi/8.97bar

16~36H Spoke Holes

Maximum spokes tension: 300kg

Maximum rider weight: 130kg

Braking Surface Optional

Available In Clincher

OS20 wheels rolls faster and retains greater forward momentum. 25mm Low Profile Design for optimum stiffness and damping. Reduces the buffeting effect of cross winds on outdoor tracks. Don’t be afraid of crosswinds at the track anymore!

4D Drill Technology. The 4 directions angled spoke drilling holes that follow the path of the spokes. Makes the rim stronger and more durable!

If you are looking to save weight and improve your speed on the track, the lightness and stiffness of our carbon rims will help you to lead the pack!

Our braking surface can resist up to 240 Degrees Celsius, but we advise to use specific brake pads to have a better and safer braking performance.

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